AT CUBA CLASSIC TOUR, We Offer Hemingway Tours, Havana City Tours & Cigar Tours. Trinidad Tours, Bay of Pigs & Zapata National Park, Cayo Largo, Viñales, The Beaches Of Veradero & Cayo Coco And More. We Can Assist You In Making Hotel Reservations, Airplane Reservations & Restaurant Suggestions. We Know The Best Places To See. We Can Help You Buy Things Like Fresh Cuban Cigars From Private Ranches, Or The Right Stores. Try One Of Our Countryside Cuban Tours & Get Away From The Crowds, See Authentic Cuba. Stay And Visit Unique Destinations During Your Adventures With Us In Cuba. We Listen And Get It, We Can Pull Off Anything You Desire Or We Can Help You Out With A Custom Cuban Itinerary. Tours To The Bay Of Pigs For Site Seeing Or Fly Fishing. We Tour In Classic Cars, Mini Vans & Convertibles. We Are The Large Group Specialist, Give Us A Opportunity To Serve Your Group And Make Your Holiday To Cuba A Successful One! 

Cuba Classic Cars 2

                                                                                                                        Many Vistas, Jack & Carola Trout

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We are proud to feature our guides Jesse & Katia Aguilar, two of the most knowledgeable and educated guides in all of Cuba. Their vast understanding of not only Cuba’s most important points of interests, but their lifetime commitment to understanding the history of Spain, England and the United States as well as many other countries in the world that were involved with shaping Cuba’s diverse worldly culture. Jesse & Katia are very personable tour guides  and always customize their clients trips as we are a private touring company, we will never put you with other travelers on your special tour. We tour all of Cuba and we can answer your questions in regard to where you should go on your tour with us. We look forward to you visiting Cuba and will be there to assist you any way we can. See our Tripadvisor reviews below.


4 – HOUR TOUR $190 USD                                  8 HOUR TOUR $295

6 – HOUR TOUR $250 USD





Best beaches close to Havana

Let Us Take You To John Lennon Park & The Lincoln Statue In Havana.

John Lennon Park Havana Cuba Lincoln Statue Havana Cuba

We Do Tours To Hemingway’s Farm Estate Located Just On The Outskirts Of Havana, We Can Include This In Our Havana City Program.

1st Day Tour in Havana City in one of our Classic Cars!! (regular program, price for One $200 – price for 2 or 3 people $250.00 USD from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm).

 – A walking tour around the historic part of Old Havana, which is a UNESCO heritage site since 1982 after the great colonial architecture very well preserved in that area where people can really see and appreciate a mix on different influences of architecture styles from the XVI to the XIX century and some stunning European style squares. Some stops could be arranged for drinks, photos and information given at interesting historical places like: the old late XIX French style pharmacy, the hotel Hemingway used to stop every time he used to stay in Havana city, the old city scale model building, and many others. l The walking tour may last about 2 hours, so clients should consider to bring comfortable shoes with them.

– A brief panoramic tour around the center of Havana city where some iconic buildings and spots are located such as: the Capitol building, the Grand Theatre of Havana, Central Park, Padro High StreetStreet, the revolution museum and the National Art Museum. The tour guide will give information about this centric area and couple stops for photos could be arranged if the clients may be interested.

– Visit to the Revolution Square, which is the most important square in Cuba relates to the Revolution history and it has been the main scenario of political speeches, workers and military parades, so political concerts. Stops for photos and a short walk.

– A visit to a cigar store for those who are interested on buying authentic Cuban cigars. We normally take our clients to the government store where they sell only the real and very fresh ones. We don’t recommend getting cigars on the black market as it is against the law and you are never sure if they are selling you fakes cigars or not. A 30 min cigar factory tour could be book but is only available from Monday to Fridays as workers have Saturday and Sunday off. Prices for prestigious Cuban cigar brands: from 7.00 to 22.00 CUC depending on the brand, size and strength. (The cigar factory tour price is: 10 CUC per person not included in the Havana city tour price).

– A brief stop at the metropolitan Almendares Park located between the Vedado district and Miramar. This is for sure an excellent place for those who appreciate an always green and natural forestry area for taking wonderful photos. It is mostly used by local people for family meetings, picnics, photography and religion rituals.

– Panoramic tour around some 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s neighborhoods such as: Miramar that it was the richest people area before the Revolution victory and the embassy are now days, Malecon promenade and  Vedado close to the American embassy and national hotel.

Havana Day Tours

2nd Day Tour (External areas and some Ernest Hemingway places, price $235 USD for One Or 2 people For 6 Hours $250 8 Hours is 295.00 USD from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm)

 – Exploring of important places at the other side of Havana city Bay where big Spanish colonial fortresses are located which are used for protection from the pirates attacks and Spanish empire enemies. Stops by the Morro Castle for a fantastic panoramic picture of a big part of the city, some minutes at the 1962 missile crisis military exhibition and Jesus Christ Park.

– A visit to Jose Fuster street artwork project which since the 1990’s has been the most significant open artwork neighborhood in Havana city inspired by the catalan artist Antonio Gaudi.

– A visit to Finca Vigia (Vigia Farm) where the American writer Ernest Hemingway used to live from 1939 to 1960, which is since 1962 the very first  Museum dedicated to the relevant writer and journalist. (Fees entrance: 5 CUC each)

– A short visit to Cojimar town where Hemingway used to keep his boat for fishing and he met Gregorio, an old locale fisherman who becomes later his inspiration for the famous novel The Old Man and the Sea. Stops for drinks.

– Some minutes (about 45) at the handicraft market for Cuban souvenirs. (Optional)

– Stop for drinks at a typical Cuban bar suggested by the tour guide to finish the day. (Optional).

Classic Cuba Tour Havana

3rd Day Tour (Viñales tour price for One to 3 People $375 USD from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm)

One Day Tours Vinales From Havana.

 – A stop at Los Jazmines look out point for the stunning panoramic view of the Viñales Valley.

– A visit to an authentic tobacco farm and purchase of fresh cigars directly from the farmers manually made by them.

 – A short walking tour around the downtown area in Viñales town and pictures time.

 – A horseback riding tour (10 CUC per hour) for enjoying much more the unique scenery and landscape (optional).

 – The visit to the Indian Cave, which is an small cave located inside one of the monolithics of about 250 meters long. Part of the tour in this cave is by boat, so at some points of the day when the cave might be full of tourist clients can easily wait for up to one hour to jump on the boats. I recommend to make a decision on the tour day. The cover for getting in is 5 CUC per person (not included on the tour price).

 – A visit to a local tropical botanical garden that has been kept for one family in Viñales for about 100 years. (Optional) Price: free.

 – Lunch time at a local restaurant (not included on the tour price).

 The order of these 3 programs may vary as it is a personalized tour for you or your family. A one hour lunch break fits perfectly with our schedule, lunch is not included in the tour price, as we take you to a very fine dining experience. We always eat at authentic Cuban food restaurants from the newly emerged private businesses sector which has been way more successful than the state run restaurants.

Tours To Vinales Cuba Cigars Cuba Vinales Tour    Touring Vinales Valley Vinatage Car

Cuban Meal Lobster, Tuna, Rice, Shrimp

On the 3rd day tour, we suggest the 3 towns tour around Hershey and other interesting communities with a hidden treat known as Matanzas or possible our tour over to Viñales. All the tours are in American Classic Cars with Air Conditioning.               
El Nicho Waterfalls 
53-52571395 - Jesse Aguilar

If you have any other questions please contact us:

Jack & Carola Trout

Cuba Classic Tours, 209 Pony Trail, Mt Shasta, Ca USA 96067

530-926-4540 *


Jesse & Katia Aguilar Cuba Tour Guides

Our Tour Guides Jesse & Katia Can Share Their Years Of Expertise, There Dedication To Getting Their History Program Correct & Accurate.

Classic Cars Cuba

Our Classic Cars Are Some Of The Finest, Let Us Know If You Would Like A Convertible, Or An Air Conditioned Classic Car Tour.

Friendly Hometown Guides Ready To Serve You And Your Dream Vacation To Cuba.

We Tour Varadero To Viñales ~ Trinidad To Havana ~ We’re Your Total Tour Company For Cuba.

The Frosts having a Piña colada drink by the view point of Bacunayagua bridge, the highest elevation in Cuba located in Matanzas province.

We Also Arrange One Day Fly Fishing Excursions Out Of Havana – Playa Larga

Check us out at

5 stars

Did a day trip from Havana Cuba.
Picked up in the morning and after 1,5 hours driving we got to the place we’re we met our guide Felipe. Felipe was very nice and knowledgeable and he showed us a great time. First day ever tarpon fishing and we managed to have fifteen of them airborne that day. Eight of which were landed. What an adventure!! I have been fly fishing for almost 20 years and this I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a fun day on the water.

Visited April 2017

Fly Fishing With Combined Tours Around The Island Of Cuba, Many Are Talking About This In Our Reviews!

Varadero Day Tours

Walking Tours In Old Havana –  Cathedral of Havana city from the XVIII Century. The church kept inside the remains of Christopher Columbus from 1796 until 1898.

Tours Trinidad Cuba

Want A Nice Drink In Old Town Havana, We now Just The Spots To get That 1600’s Feeling. Having a nice coffee or a mojito at Plaza Vieja square, right at the center of Old Havana historical center surrounded by lot of history and impressive colonial architecture.

We Always Have Time To Stop For A Photo Opt Or A Juicy Pop! We’re There To Serve Your Dream Vacation, It’s Our Experience That Makes The Difference.

The Frost at Viñales valley, unique and stunning landscape located in Pinar del Río province, which is a UNESCO World heritage site since 1999. The spectacular rock formations are incredible and the old traditional ways to grow tobacco practiced by farmers 200 years ago, is still a agriculture mainstay. In this photo they were having a Piña Colada and an amazing time.

Margy & Bo Titus Touring A Cigar Farm On March 2017 By Jesse at Cuba Classic Tours.

Cuba Cigar Tours


Classic Cars in Cuba
Classic Cars in Cuba


flagJTJack Trout USA Tours & Cuba 2015


 Probably the biggest and most interesting tour we will have in our company. This tour could be done in 3 or 4 days and includes 3 important cities but also landscape, snorkeling area and beach, this is so excellent for the entire family. We highly suggest you leave Havana City no later than 7 am. The total cost for this tour is 500.00USD/CUC, per person up to 3. This includes a classic American Car. The accommodations is not included but runs around $100USD/CUC per night or less, This is our itinerary details for the Cienfuegos – Trinidad and Santa Clara excursions:

Our Tripadvisor Reviews <Click Here, Check What People Are Saying.

Walking tour and classic American car tour in Havana5 of 5 bubbles

I would like to recommend this company after the wonderful experience we had with them in Havana.
We arrived on our cruise ship and met our Guide (Jesse) at the prearranged meeting point in the square opposite the cruise terminal to begin our day tour.

We started with a walking tour of old Havana and what can I say about our guide,his knowledge and attitude when showing us around the city were excellent . Jesse ensured we were introduced to all aspects of Cuban life in Havana, including the history and architecture of this wonderful city.
The walking tour was followed by a trip around all the other areas of Havana in a classic American vintage car. It was excellent and again the information provided by Jesse was wonderful and informative.
We have wonderful memories of our visit due to him.
Hopefully we will be back in Cuba in the near future to explore even more.
Again thanks for the great day and we will be happy to recommend this company to our friends.

Visited April 2017 

 – Stop at Bay of Pigs located at Zapata National Park which includes places like: Australia town, which was Fidel Castro’s military headquarter during the invasion of Bay of Pigs in 1961, the crocodile exhibition farm (cost: 5USD/ CUC per person), a one hour speed boat tour (cost: 12USD/ CUC per person) around the Treasure lake with the visit to a very well represented Cuban aboriginal community in the middle of the lake, lunch time at a private local restaurant (cost: 15USD/ CUC per meal but big portions of food and more than 2 main courses each meal in this price) (exotic food you can not get in other parts of Cuba like: crocodile meat and crab ), panoramic views of the main war scenarios of the 1961 military invasion, snorkeling area in two different places (cost: free unless clients may want to pay for snorkel masks or an scuba diving tour) (Bay of Pigs and the fish cave, which is an ocean connected of 70 m depth and is full of colorful fish). Visit to the Bay of Pigs invasion museum (cost: 3USD/ CUC per person) (optional).

 – Arrival to Cienfuegos city and walking tour for about 40 min around the main square and high Street (UNESCO World Heritage site since 2005) with time for pictures and a panoramic tour around Punta Gorda, which was back in the 1940’s and 1950’s the city’s richest people neighborhood. Cienfuegos is a remarkable city from the architectural point of view and slightly different than other cities in Cuba as the city was previously established by French families.

 – Arrival to Trinidad is expected at 5 or 6 pm but that depends on the time people will spend at the other places already visited. After the arrival to Trinidad and the  accommodation place they will stay (arranged by the tour guide with prices (private houses) between 35 and 40USD/ CUC) a free time can be set before the dinner time and after that a show time at a traditional bar or show place. The dinner price can be around 17 per person just for the meal as drinks are paid separately. The tour guide company during the show time could be optional after the client decision.

 Second Day Tour: Trinidad

 – A morning walking tour for about 2 hours around the historic area, foundational place and most important buildings and museums in Trinidad, including the panoramic view from the city look out point. Stop for the traditional drink named Canchanchara, at the emblematic bar with the same name. Lunch time (around 16USD/ CUC per person) in a local and private restaurant suggested by the tour guide. A car trip along Los Ingenios valley, back in the 19th century the most prosperous sugar cane production area in Cuba and a UNESCO World Heritage site now days (this tours includes a visit to the Rhonda of an old sugar industry and the famously look out point Iznaga tower. Stop at Ancon beach on the way back to Trinidad for swimming time. The dinner place and show for the night time could be set up as it was the night before.

 Third day tour leaving Trinidad on the way to Santa Clara and then Havana city.

 – 7.00 am will be the to leave Trinidad on the way to Santa Clara which takes 2 hours and 30 min approximately. On the way clients will enjoy the magnificent Escambray mountain range scenery and stops for pictures could be done. The tour once we get Santa Clara includes: a visit to the Che Guevara memorial and mausoleum, the main square Leoncio Vidal and the armored train Che Guevara stopped during the big battle of Santa Clara in 1958. A place for lunch could be found on the way back to Havana City by the side of the road that makes for a classic quick lunch. The arrival to Havana will be about 5.00 pm.

Cuba Classic Tours Cayo Largo



Rent This Lovely 1940’s Room & Indoor Patio – Kitchen



Renting a Nice House In Havana Lobster Meals In Havana Cuba    

Welcome to Hotel Parque Central in Havana

Since the opening of this hotel more than a decade ago, it has consistently been ranked #1. And with good reason: the service is top-flight and the cosmopolitan, elegant, and comfortable atmosphere unsurpassed.
Cuba food lobster enjoyed by group of Americans Iberostar Central Plaza Hotel 5 Stars 2345[2] Iberostar Hotel Havana Cuba jt

Welcome to Hotel Melia in Havana

We offer 5 star lodging with ocean views and stunning Cuban historic décor. Full service bar onsite with many fine restaurants and our incredible cigar shop.

hotel-melia-habana_146667028325[1] hotel-melia-habana_146667028323[1] hotel-melia-habana_146667028213[1] hotel-melia-habana_14666702811[1]

Americans Tour Cuba & Havana
2016 July Tour Of Havana Cuba & Cayo Largo, Cuba.

trip advisor 2014

“Amazing Family Adventure to Cuba!”
5 of 5 stars

Words can not describe how wonderful our trip to Havana and Cayo Largo, Cuba was with Jack and Carola Trout!
This world-class salt water fishing adventure to Cuba was a graduation gift for our oldest son. Our family of 6 (3 anglers and 3 non-anglers) enjoyed 9 days of travel, touring and incredible fishing with this special couple. Accommodations, dining and tours were top notch in both Havana and Cayo Largo. We encountered very few travel related issues that couldn’t be handled immediately with Carola’s Spanish speaking skills. She was a super help with our little kiddos (8 and 4 years old) as she scheduled activities and fun things for them to do during the days. It is always a good time to fish and hang out with Jack and his crew of highly trained guides. Our anglers caught the most and biggest bonefish they’ve ever caught! They also caught tarpon, snook and snapper; however, the permit was elusive on this trip. Our little ones fished, released baby turtles, found many starfish and played on the most beautiful beach in the world. We highly recommend traveling and fishing with Jack and Carola Trout and are looking forward to our next trip with them.

Visited July 2016
Cuba Classic Car Tours Havana
Let Us Be Your Hosts In Cuba For Classic Tours In Classic Cars. Thanks, Jack & Carola Trout

Cayo Largo Beach Club Sol


19771 Sloppy Joes Pub Havana Cuba 2486 2478 2345 2050-800x532 1991-800x532 1925 Cuba Classic ToursJack Trout CubaJack Trout photo 2016 Cuba Tours By Classic Cars Havana city tours Classic Cuba Tours Havana Cuba Tours Havana Old TownCuba Classic Tours Vintage CarsTours around Cuba Varadero   


10 days * 9 Nights Package All Inclusive 4 & 5 Star Resort Lodging & Tours

$2500 per person/double occupancy – Every Friday through the following Sunday Only.

2 nights in Havana at hotel Iberostar Central Plaza or Melia, with free pick up from Havana airport.
Hemingway Tour included.
2 nights in HAVANA in 5-star hotel, double room or you can upgrade to a suite, breakfast included at all hotels and resorts daily.
Flights Havana / Cayo Largo / Havana are included round trip in our prices above.
7 nights in CAYO LARGO in 4-star hotel, double room or single room upgrade, full board at Hotel Sol Club including breakfast, lunch, dinner and all alcoholic drinks in our 24 hour open bars and amazing 4 different and unique restaurants . (check in on Saturday / check out on a Saturday and fly back to Havana, fly out on Sunday or pay for more days or tours.)
6 full days Cayo Largo resort activities and nearby beaches, we can also provide diving, snorkeling, tours for an additional upgraded cost. While on the island, you can take taxi’s to see other parts of the island, marinas, resorts and bars, rent quads and mopeds.
#1 beach on Tripadvisor Paradise Beach is 10 minutes away by taxi from our resort!!
  • Night at 5-Star Hotel in Havana, Cuba. (included in package)
  • Take a stroll down to the Sloppy Joes Pub from 1917, the home of the world famous Sloppy Joe and an amazing bar with photos of Hemingway & a young Frank Sinatra.
SATURDAY- January 14th
  • 5:00 am Meet in Hotel lobby for transfer to Cayo Largo.
  • 7:00 am Flight Havana/Cayo Largo.
  • 7:30 am Arrive in Cayo Largo, greeted by Cuba Classic Tour representative.
  • Transfers to your hotel.
  • Free afternoon.
  • Night at Hotel Sol Club Melia Cayo Largo – 3 open bars 24 hours per day, no charges for any drinks everything including meals are included in the price.
  • Restaurant and buffet dining area for breakfast, lunch and dinner all included.
  • 2 huge resort swimming pools and easy white sand beach access.
  • Easy taxi ride to world famous and highly praised Paradise Beach only minutes away, not included.
SUNDAY – FRIDAY – January 15th, 16th, 17th, 18, 19th, 20th
  • Buffet breakfast 7:30am to 10:30 am, dining area has coffee. For an espresso the tiki bar makes lattes & cappuccinos. 
  • Lunch noon to 3 pm daily in the buffet dining, or all day in the pizzaria pool party area.
  • Return in the afternoon from activities. Eat at one of our  4 fine restaurants to choose from nightly included, as well as all alcoholic drinks, (Except specialty wines at dinner.) Wine is included at dinners and at the bars.
  • Nights at Hotel Sol Club Melia Cayo Largo (included in package)


Beach: Lindarena

0.6 km
Yes, area to the right when you enter beach

  • – Towel service
  • – Umbrellas service
  • – Lounge chairs service
  • – Lifeguard service
  • – Boardwalk from the beach grill restaurant
  • – Beach Bar



Noches Tema

Every evening, dancers and professionals from the Sol Club Cayo Largo Entertainment Team will offer you an excellent night show in our Party Hall, a different and striking performance every night. For tour and incentive groups, private parties, weddings or any other event, a theme night “à la carte“ for all tastes.

7 days a week
21:30 – 23:00

Ecological Excursions

Pueblo Tour: Bus excursion to the town Isla del Sol. The tour also includes a visit to the local school, clinic, marina and a turtle farm.
Hotel Tour: enjoy this chance to meet the persons who work to hard to make you will feel at home. Discover the surprises prepared by our monitors just for you.
Ecotour: ecological trail to acquaint guests with the exotic flora and wildlife endemic to Cayo Largo, including a visit to a tree over 500 years old.

7 days a week
19:00 – 19:00

Cuba turtles

Tortugas marinas

Cayo Largo, declared as the most important place in Cuba, and the fourth most important breeding ground for turtles in the Caribbean. They visit the beaches of Cayo Largo at night to lay their eggs in safety, far from the water’s edge. We invite you to take part in the care and protection of this wonderful species and to observe them at night on the beaches of this beautiful paradise, as they look for the ideal place in which to lay their eggs. At our hotel and in collaboration with the Marina Cayo Largo and the Commission for the Environment, an incubation area has been created for the turtles, which lay their eggs in high-risk places and require a minimum incubation period of 60 days, so that they can then be returned to their natural habitat in a magical ritual that you can share with us.
From May to November.

24 hours



Paraiso beach

2 Km Situated towards the western part of the key, this is the longest beach on Cayo Largo del Sur. Stretching for 7.5 km and surrounded by rocks, giving those who enjoy its choppy, warm waters the impression that they are swimming off a desert island. On more than one occasion it has won the Travellers’ Choice award as one of the world’s top beaches according to the reviews posted on TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel website.

Sirena beach

3 Km Calm waters, a vast expanse of fine white sands and abundant plantations of coconut palms make Playa Sirena many visitors’ favourite beach on this beautiful islet. Situated on the western side of Cayo Largo del Sur, its position protects it from the wind and waves. You can also enjoy swimming and interacting with dolphins as the appropriate conditions for this activity have been created.

Animación diurna

For the more enthusiast and active guests, our recreation team has put together a daily program consisting of multiple fun-packed activities: tai chi, yoga sessions, beach volleyball tournaments, mini-football, aquatic gymnastics and dancing lessons. Join our ecological excursions. Multiple and exciting activities are in store for you.

7 days a week
09:00 – 18:00

Cayo Largo Cuba Tours

Fun Pub: Marimba

During the evenings, guests can let go at the Karaoke Fun Pub, which offers a wide assortment of national and international cocktails and constant movement.

7 days a week
19:00 – 02:00

Water Sports

  • – Canoeing
  • – Catamaran
  • – Kayaking
  • – Paddle
  • – Pool Volleyball
  • – Sailing boats
  • – Snorkeling
  • – Water Aerobics
  • – Water basketball
  • – Water bicycles
  • – Water polo
  • – Windsurfing

Land Sports

  • – Aerobics
  • – Archery
  • – Beach Volleyball
  • – Bicycles
  • – Billiards
  • – Chess
  • – Darts
  • – Dominoes
  • – Draughts/Checkers
  • – Giant chess
  • – Mini bowling
  • – Mini football
  • – Moped
  • – Petanque
  • – Room games
  • – Tennis
  • – Volleyball
  • – Wall climbing
  • – Yoga / Meditation / Taich
SATURDAY – January 20th
  • Wake-up (breakfast and lunch depending on plane schedule)
  • Transfer to the airport.
  • Cayo Largo flight back to Havana local airport, possibility of extra day’s extension.
  • Night at 5-Star Hotel (included in package)
  • Dinners not included the day of arrival into Havana and the Saturday night upon arriving back from Cayo Largo.
SUNDAY January 21st
  • Morning at leisure in Havana.
  • Transfer back to Havana airport in convertible classic car included!!

Paradise Beach Cayo Largo Cuba



Click on links below for flights from United States Mainland To Cuba – * * * *


Map Of Cuba Havana

How To Spot Counterfeit Money In Cuba

CUC and the Cuban peso (CUP). Sometimes not having that information makes visitors vulnerable for being rip off by local vendors in the streets. You only want to use the gold colored bill on the left hand side, see our examples. jt

Cuba Money Information


Exploring the real Cuba. 
Cuba is generally safer than most countries in the Western hemisphere. Violent attacks are extremely rare and people carrying guns, drug or criminal gangs operating in the island won’t ever be seen.
Petty theft (eg unattended shoes or towels disappearing from
the beach) is common, but preventative measures work wonders. Pickpocketing is preventable: wear your bag in front of you on crowded
buses and at busy markets and only take what money you’ll need when you head out at night. However Cuba is pretty safe and generally people will give you a happy and friendly face everywhere, so useful information and hospitality if you may need.
It is not recommendable to give away things to people on the streets. If you are having a tour your day could be interrupted for a long time because your charity act will be transformed into a big concentration of people around asking you for more things.
If you truly want do something to help, pharmacies and hospitals will accept medicine donations and schools happily take pens, paper, crayons etc. Alternatively, pass off your donations onto your “casa particular” (private hosting) owner, some friends you could make during your holidays or leave it at a local church.
Hustlers in Cuba, be careful!
Hustlers in Cuba living on the tourist money are called “jineteros” (term used for men) and “jineteras” (term used for women), so literally “jockeys”. They have been known to assume false identities of real workers (rental houses owners, taxi drivers, cigar rollers and even professional tour guides) in order to make some easy money from the tourists who visit Cuba, specially those who comes for the first time. They try all the time to provide help to the tourists they pretend to have as truly friends over charging them anytime tourists pay for a service they have already recommended. The worse thing is that several times hustlers hardly try to sell the tourists they are with other services like: drugs access, illegal cigar purchases and sex, things severely punished by the Cuban government.
It is not so difficult to identify when Cuban hustlers is dealing with you as they can be highly interested on being friend of you (more than normally happens when 2 people meet casually for the first time), always trying to match with great effort and sweetened speech your interests with what they can offer you as help. Phrases like: “I have a good friend” or “I have family living in your country” are also commonly used for hustlers in Cuba to get more confidence from their victims.

Cuba Classic Car Tours

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